Suitland Federal Center Weekly Pickup Game

Where Do We Play?
Bradbury Heights Recreation Center, or, if we have limited numbers, near the SFC Childcare Center.
When Do We Play?
If there are 8 or more, GAME ON! If there are 6, we occasionally play. See the email list for details.
Why 11:30 and 12?
We usually play at 12 (game starts around 12:10) and end by 1, but occasionally people need to play earlier. We'll send an email with instruction if there's a quorum for both times. Sign up for all the times that you're available!
How Do We Play?
We are open to all levels of play, from veteran disc jockey to total beginner. We're trying to stay active, practice our skills, and, above all, have fun.
Who Can I Contact?
Matt Spence or Terry Pennington
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Date & Weather #Yes Replies (YesMaybeNo)
Monday, April 19 11:30 23% chance of very light rain. 55° 0 No one yet! RSVP
Monday, April 19 12:00 23% chance of very light rain. 55° 1 Terry Pennington RSVP
Tuesday, April 20 11:30 68° 0 No one yet! RSVP
Tuesday, April 20 12:00 70° 1 Terry Pennington RSVP
Wednesday, April 21 11:30 65° 0 No one yet! RSVP
Wednesday, April 21 12:00 63° 1 Terry Pennington RSVP
Thursday, April 22 11:30 39° 0 No one yet! RSVP
Thursday, April 22 12:00 40° 1 Terry Pennington RSVP
Friday, April 23 11:30 53° 0 No one yet! RSVP
Friday, April 23 12:00 54° 1 Terry Pennington RSVP